Our Services

ShortcutZ-China specializes in document authentication and legalization for work permit applications in the People’s Republic of China. We help foreign employees prepare their documents in the fastest, easiest and most affordable manner. We offer streamlined services that save you and your employees time and money. Whether you need university diplomas, criminal background checks or teaching certificates authenticated, let us help you speed up the process.

US Special Offer

The US Special Offer is designed for work permit applicants from the US and combines authentication of your US university diploma and your FBI background check (digital version only).

Our US Package combines the most convenient ways of authentication for both diploma and background check. The authentication process can be completed with colour scans of your documents submitted to us by E-Mail. 

Processing fees include authentication for both documents, translation of your authenticated background check into Chinese and shipping of final documents to China. 


Authentication University Diploma

Legalization FBI Digital Background Check

Translation of Background Check into Chinese

Shipping of Documents to China 

Turnaround Time

12 business days

Processing Fee

3800 CNY; 550 USD

Who are our Customers?

Foreign Employees and Interns in China
English Teachers, Language Schools and Universities
Foreign and Local Companies in China