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ShortcutZ-China specializes in document authentication and legalization for work permit applications in the People’s Republic of China. We help foreign employees prepare their documents in the fastest, easiest and most affordable manner. We offer streamlined services that save you and your employees time and money. Whether you need university diplomas, criminal background checks or teaching certificates authenticated, let us help you speed up the process.

Diploma Authentication with the Chinese Ministry of Education

The fastest and most convenient way to authenticate and legalize your university diploma is via application with the Chinese Ministry of Education. The authentication process can be completed with a colour scan of your document submitted to us by E-Mail. This service is available for university degrees from any country.


Authentication University Diploma

Turnaround Time

10-20 business days

Processing Fee

1400 CNY ; 215 USD ; 185 EUR ; 160 GBP ; 280 AUD 

Your Advantage

Fast Turnaround

Depending on country of origin the authentication will take 10-20 business days:

10 business days: US/Canada

15 business days: UK/France/Italy/Australia/New Zealand/Singapore 

20 business days: Germany and most other countries 

Cost Control

Fixed processing fees. No additional fees for translation or shipping apply.

Digital Application

A colour scan is sufficient for the authentication process. No risk of loss or damage to your original diploma. All documents can be submitted to us by E-Mail.

Digital Authentication Document

The Ministry of Education issues a digital authentication document with unlimited validity. The document can be used multiple times. The document is issued in Chinese, no need for further translation.

By scanning the QR code in the low right corner the document can be verified on the spot by all relevant authorities.

Who are our Customers?

Foreign Employees and Interns in China
English Teachers, Language Schools and Universities
Foreign and Local Companies in China