Frequently Asked Questions

Diploma Authentication (9)

1. How long does the Authentication Process take?
Provided that you have supplied all necessary information and supporting documents, the processing time is:
10 working days for Canada, the US and Joint Sino-Foreign Institutions
15 working days for the UK, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore
20 working days for most other countries
Can you authenticate degrees from any country, or are there restrictions?
I have an online degree or distance-education degree. Can you authenticate this type of degree as well?
I am a national of country A but received my degree in country B. Can ShortcutZ-China authenticate my diploma for me?
My diploma was issued in a language other than English, do I have to submit a translation into English or Chinese for the authentication?
The HR contact at my future employer is unsure about the authentication process with the Ministry of Education. Is there anything you can do?
After my degree has been authenticated, will I need to have it translated into Chinese before using it?
If I change jobs later and need to reapply for a work permit, will I be able to reuse the authentication document?
What happens if someone submits fraudulent documents to the Chinese Ministry of Education?

Criminal Background Checks (4)

I have already requested a regional background check; can you help me authenticate and legalize it?
    Please contact our customer support for details.
I have already received an FBI background check as a paper version. Can ShortcutZ-China help me authenticate and legalize the document?
I am currently living abroad; can I still apply for an FBI background check?
I have already applied for a background check in the past, do I still have to apply for a new one?

Payment Options and Currencies (4)

Your fees are displayed in US Dollar and Chinese RMB. Can I also pay in other currencies?
    If you choose to pay via bank transfer, we can offer you payment in Euro, British Pounds, Australian Dollar and New Zealand Dollar. Please contact us for the bank account details.
If I choose to pay in another currency, how will the processing fee be calculated?
What happens if my documents cannot be authenticated? Will I receive my money back?
When do I pay? Do I pay immediately, or should I first get in contact with you?
I have already paid; do I still need to send you proof of payment per E-Mail?