Work Permit: What Happens if You Change Jobs?

Work Permit: What Happens if You Change Jobs?

China is full of opportunities and you might soon find yourself considering a new and better job offer. But what happens if you decide to take on a new job in China? The work permit you have fought for so hard is inevitably tied to your old employer. If your contract runs out or you decide to quit your job early, your employer will need to apply for a cancellation of your work permit.

Depending on your situation (location, occupation, timing, cooperation between your old and new employer etc.) you might be asked to do a new application from scratch. A new application will require you, once again, to submit a legalized copy of your highest university diploma. The legalized copy you handed in the first time will not be returned to you.


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If you choose to authenticate your diploma with the Chinese Ministry of Education, the Ministry will issue two paper copies of the authentication document. If you should have the need, you can apply for additional copies at a later point of time.

The Chinese Ministry of Education has already announced plans to switch to a digital authentication document completely. Stay tuned for updates!