Do You Qualify for a Work Permit in China ?

Do You Qualify for a Work Permit in China ?

Take a look at the new Work Permit Classification System

In 2017 the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs PR. China (SAFEA) introduced a new classification system for work permits for foreign employees. Applicants for a work permit are classified into one of the following three categories:

A: Foreign High-Level Talent

B: Foreign Professional Talent

C: Other Foreign Employees

There are two avenues through which an applicant can qualify for a work permit for the PRC:

1) Direct Qualification and 2) Qualification by Points.

Direct qualification is granted for candidates recruited via one of the national talent plans, entrepreneurs and promising young academics. For qualification by points the candidate needs to reach a designated number of points in the qualification table below. For a class A work permit the applicant needs to reach 85 points. For a class B work permit the candidate needs to reach a minimum of 60 points.


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