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Are you applying for a work visa (Z Visa) for the Peoples Republic of China? If you graduated from a university outside of China, you will need to provide the Chinese authorities with an authenticated copy of your highest academic diploma.

In the past, getting hold of an authentication of your diploma for use in the PRC was nothing short of a bureaucratic nightmare. After requesting a notarised copy of your diploma from your home university,the diploma had to be stamped and authenticated by several government institutions before finally being approved by a Chinese embassy or consulate in your home country. This process could mean trips across state borders or risk losing your original documents in the mail. Fees for third part providers to submit and pick-up documents, in addition to official handling fees, easily amounted to truly staggering sums.

Now, you can have your overseas diploma directly authenticated by the Chinese Ministry of Education in Beijing. ShortcutZ-China helps you submit your application and delivers the authentication by express to your future employer in China, or any other address of your choice. All you need is a colour scan of your highest academic degree and a number of additional supporting documents. Everything can easily be prepared from the comfort of your own home. Let us handle the rest !

your advantage

Save Time
Depending on the country from which you received your degree, the authentication will take 5 to 20 working days.

Save Money
No hidden fees from third party providers, just one reasonable, fixed price.

Save Yourself Worries
No need to worry about your original diploma getting lost in the mail, getting stapled or stamped on. Safely hold on to your original, we only require a clearly readable colour scan.

Save Translation Costs
The authentication by the Ministry of Education is issued in Chinese and universally accepted by all Chinese authorities and government institutions. No further translations needed.

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Easy Steps

1. Download

2. Send us all the required documents by email

3. Wait for us to review your information

4. Pay the processing fee

5. We will notify you when your authentication document is delivered!


1. How long does the Authentication Process take?

Provided that you have supplied all necessary information and supporting documents, the processing time is:

10 working days for Canada, the US and Joint Sino-Foreign Institutions

15 working days for the UK, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore

20 working days for most other countries


The processing fee for the authentication of your highest academic diploma is:

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